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Передовики производства

  • Oleksandr Khlobystov
    Oleksandr Khlobystov
    CCM operator of 6th category, employed at hot works areas
  • Oleksandr Shutka
    Oleksandr Shutka
    Maintenance technician of 6th category
  • Natalia Andreieva
    Natalia Andreieva
    Senior cargo and goods acceptance/delivery operator
  • Yevhen Popov
    Yevhen Popov
    Maintenance technician of 6th category
  • Volodymyr Moiko
    Volodymyr Moiko
    Maintenance technician of 5th category for equipment diagnostics
  • Olha Holimbievska
    Olha Holimbievska
    Laboratory assistant of 5th category for physical and mechanical testing
  • Rodion Seliutin
    Rodion Seliutin
    Gas cleaning operator of 6th category
  • Iryna Klymova
    Iryna Klymova
    Operator of boilers of III qualification group
  • Olena Bobylieva
    Olena Bobylieva
    Team leader of 4th category for transportation of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in the course of production
  • Natalia Lebedieva
    Natalia Lebedieva
    Technician of 2nd category for finished products and enery resourses accounting
  • Dmytro Popov
    Dmytro Popov
    Head of Laboratory
  • Mykyta Achymov
    Mykyta Achymov
    Foreman for electric equipment maintenance
  • Sviatoslav Boiko
    Sviatoslav Boiko
  • Vadym Bazhenov
    Vadym Bazhenov
    Reliability engineer of 1st category
  • Serhii Pysmennyi
    Serhii Pysmennyi
    Foreman employed at hot works areas
  • Valentyna Rymarchuk
    Valentyna Rymarchuk
    Senior engineer
  • Iryna Nelipa
    Iryna Nelipa
    Head of Laboratory
  • Oleksandr Hapieiev
    Oleksandr Hapieiev
    Shop Head Assistant for continuous improvement
  • Ruslan Vysotskyi
    Ruslan Vysotskyi
    Engineer of 1st category for system automation
  • Ivan Shmidt
    Ivan Shmidt
    Senior production foreman