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Occupational Health and Safety

Polyclinic 1 of the Works as part of municipal hospital 4 named after I.K. Matsuk cooperates with patient care institutions of Mariupol and Donetsk (DOCTMO, regional occupational illness clinical hospital), with Mariupol management of regional insurance fund for production accidents and industrial illnesses, with the sanitary and epidemiological station-SES of the city and that of the region, with the municipal fund of temporary incapacity with the purpose of prevention of occupational illnesses at the Works.

Employees of the Works are provided with preventive medical care in recreation centers, ambulant treatment, day patient medical care in the polyclinic of the Works, health resort treatment, recreational treatment, medical rehabilitation, day patient treatment in heart disease, gastroenterological, pulmonary, neurology departments of municipal hospitals with the purpose of occupational illness prevention.

Employees of the Works are transferred to other positions by the decision of medical commission on the ground of results of medical inspections, in order to prevent occurrence of occupational illnesses.

As a result of preventive activities performed, no occupational illnesses were revealed at the Works in 2008-2013.

There are activities aimed at due detection of diabetes mellitus at the Works.

Measures are taken to detect tuberculosis within the nation-wide program against tuberculosis.

There are activities for early detection of arterial hypertension and ischemic heart disease, in order to prevent consequences in the form of heart attacks and acute cerebrovascular accidents.

Metinvest Group Corporate Standards on rendering pre-hospital and emergency first aid, holding pre-shift and in-depth extraordinary medical examination are introduced within the enterprise. To implement in practice the requirements outlined in these standards two modern ambulances, diagnostic equipment for Polyclinic No. 1 were acquired and health stations of the enterprise were equipped with medical equipment.