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"AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS" incorporates four primary production complexes: Coke-Oven and By-Products Plant, Ironmaking, Steelmaking and Rolling Complexes.

Coke-Oven and By-Products Plant (CO&BP Plant)

Coke-Oven and By-Products Plant includes three coke batteries with the design capacity of 1820.0 thousand tons of bulk coke with 6% moisture. Currently, CO&BP Plant provides to ironmaking complex with ca. 60% of skip coke (as reported in 2013).

 Ironmaking Complex (BF Shop)

  • BF Shop including five blast furnaces with total effective volume of 8753 m3 and design capacity of 5550 thousand tons of iron per year provides BOF Shop with the required volume of conversion iron. 
  • In 2006, a modern blast furnace (BF-2) with higher capacity and more advanced aspiration system was commissioned at BF Shop.
  • All primary technological processes of ironmaking are mechanized and equipped with automated control systems. 
  • Metallurgical Slag Recycling Shop operates to stockpile and recycle down the line blast-furnace and steelmaking slag. Metallurgical Slag Recycling Shop produces crushed stone and granulated slag. Waste metal is extracted while slag crushing. That metal is partially used instead of metal scrap.

Steel-Making Complex (BOF Shop)

BOF Shop incorporates two top-blown vessels (350 t each), modern secondary metallurgy facilities: two twin ladle furnaces and twin vacuum degasser, continuous casting department with four two-strand curved-mold casters, as well as ingot casting department put in stream after OHF Shop shutdown in 2011.

  • The complex of CCM-6 with modern secondary metallurgy facilities (two twin ladle furnaces and twin vacuum degasser) was put in operation in 2008.
  • In 2011, design capacity of BOF Shop on steelmaking was exceeded almost 1.5 times – 5293.06 thousand tons of BOF steel was made.

Rolling Complex

Rolling Complex includes five subdivisions: Blooming Mill, Plate Mill, Rail and Structural Mill, Heavy Section Mill and Rail Fasteners Shop.

  • Blooming Mill incorporates breakdown blooming mill 1200, where billets (blooms) are produced from BOF ingots for manufacturing of rails, beams and heavy sections.
  • Plate Mill includes mill 3600 with design capacity of 1950 thousand tons per year. Its product mix covers rolled products with the thickness of 6-200 mm and width of 1500-3300 mm.
  • Rail and Structural Mill incorporates rail and structural mill 1000/800 with design capacity of 1422 thousand tons of rolled products per year. Its product mix covers bars, shapes, rails of various types and applications.
  • Heavy Section Mill includes heavy section mill 800/650 with design capacity of 950 thousand tons of rolled products per year. Its product mix covers bars of various applications.
  • Rail fasteners (joint bars and tie plates) are produced for various rails at Rail Fasteners Shop. Design capacity is 285 thousand tons of rail fasteners per year.
  • Ball Rolling Department of Rail Fasteners Shop produces steel grinding balls with diameter of 40-120 mm of various hardness groups to be used in mining and other industries for milling in course of ore and non-ore materials preparation. The design capacity is 170.0 thousand tons per year.