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Educational initiatives

Azovstal Iron & Steel Works has been realizing a brand new educational project «school – higher education institution - Azovstal» since 2006.

The project is implemented at Priazovskiy State Technical University (PGTU) as well as schools of general secondary education Nos.14, 40 and is aimed at finding talented and gifted young people and developing their abilities.        

Consistent training of highly qualified specialists is provided just for Azovstal needs. There are special classes in schools which have additional disciplines delivered by lecturers of the university. School leavers having good school preparation enter PGTU occupying state-funded places, and then on the third year they are tested and on the basis of test results Azovstal groups are formed.

Azovstal specialists together with PGTU administration have developed special disciplines that, when taught, help to see all lines of activities of the huge metallurgical enterprise from inside thus minimizing the adaptation period. These are industrial psychology, quality management at iron & steel plants, production potential control, substantiation of business decisions and risk assessment. 

In addition to lectures the university students do practical occupational training at PJSC AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS that involves meetings with lead specialists, employment with the Company during summer holidays as well as training for blue-collar occupations at Azovstal production-and-training center with obtaining the adequate qualification level. 

Upon graduating from PGTU the students from the specialized group get a certificate proving their qualification and serving as a recommendation for employment with Azovstal.

PGTU graduates who had an additional training course and were successful in it are employed at Azovstal as engineers, as well as foreman assistants and have prospective of promotion.

In 2013, within the framework of corporate program "City by Our Hands", 15 projects focused on improvement, equipping of sports fields, training of young journalists have been implemented. 

Culture and sport

Azovstal speaks in favour of healthy lifestyle: vast sports facilities for the youth have been built in the city. The Company contributes to the educational and training process in SC Azovstal, stable development of the Football Academy branch of FC Shakhtar. Using its own funds Azovstal has built up-to-date sports grounds for classical and beach football. 

Formation of healthy lifestyle of personnel is a significant part of the Azovstal social policy. Every year the cup competitions in memory of Leonid Shepotinnik are held at SC Azovstal. Over 1000 people participate in these competitions. The competitions feature participation of the combined teams of related occupations. Additionally sports contests are held at Azovstal every year involving up to 3000 people representing all shops and subdivisions of the Company. Winners are decided in mini football, track-and-field athletics, volleyball, darts, table tennis, chess, draughts, shooting sports and family competitions.

Football fan movement at Azovstal involves not only joint attendance of football matches. It has to do with promotion and development of culture, holding of various events including sports competitions. Unofficial football and mini football competitions with congenial souls have become a good tradition: with teams of Shakhtar fan clubs from Donbass cities, with fans of other teams.  

The branch of Shakhtar football school started its work on May 13, 2005 based on SC Azovstal. Today its educatees take active part in competitions of different levels, also in championships among the Academy branches of FC Shakhtar and rank first in all age groups.

For the time of the Academy existence, its educatees obtained significant results, and competent stuff have developed a complex approach to preparation of future football players.

The educatees have excellent up-to-date material and technical resources at their disposal. Young football players are fully resourced by sports facilities and outfit.     

In 2010, the team of the Azovstal branch of football academy “Shakhtar” for children have taken the second place in a prestigious youth competition “Leather Ball”. And a player of the team was given title of “the best player of the team”.

In 2010, the Works has contributed to the FC Shakhtar football Academy financial support amounted to 1.6 mln. UAH.

In 2006 Shakhtar – Azovstal ranked the best fan club out of 33 fan organizations of Donetsk Shakhtar. And this is not by accident as Azovstal sectors of football arenas in Ukraine and Europe are always overcrowded and fans always actively encourage the Donetsk club in any weather. In terms of sports facilities and level of provision, our fan club is among leading fan organizations not only in Donetsk region but also in Ukraine.

Voluntary activities

The Association of the Enterprise Women, on an annual basis, launches movements oriented to the crowd funding with the enterprise employees to support foster children of orphanage "Solnyshko" and sponsored class of the boarding school No. 1.

The Young Professionals Board of the enterprise was holding Community Cleanup Day in Ordzonikidzevsky region of the city and various municipal youth activities.

Caring for the younger generation is one of the priority trends of "AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS" social policy, which is defined by the enterprise development strategy. "AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS" supports fostering and educational institutions, among which are the orphanage "Solnyshko", boarding school No. 2 and rehabilitation center for disabled children. "AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS" finances and upgrades physical infrastructure of the municipal Mechanical and Metallurgical College, Priazovsky State Technical University, comprehensive school No. 40 and educational complex "Lyceum – School No. 14", contributes greatly to the health care.