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Continuous cast slabs

PJSC "AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS" is one of the largest global producers of commercial slabs. Slabs are produced by BOF steel continuous casting at slab casters and used as billets for plate and coil production. Slabs are produced in thickness of 220-300 mm, width of 1250-2100 mm and length of 5000-12000 mm.

Rolled plates

Rolled plates are produced from continuous cast slabs and ingots of BOF and electroslag processes, if necessary. Azovstal Iron and Steel Works produces wide range of rolled plates with thickness of 6-200 mm, width of 1500-3200 mm and length of 6000-24400 mm for shipbuilding, heavy, power and special engineering, bridge construction, manufacture of large diameter pipes for gas and oil pipelines, including arctic service, offshore constructions and other industrial sectors. All rolled plates undergo 100% ultrasonic testing.

Bars and shapes

Bars and shapes produced by Azovstal Iron and Steel Works hold strong position both in domestic and foreign steel products market. Wide range of heavy and medium sections includes angles, beams and channels of various sizes as well as special shapes for construction, transport and general machinery, mining industry.


Commencing from 1952 and through the present day, all the Ukrainian and part of the Russian railways are laid and fully equipped with rails and rail fasteners produced by PJSC "AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS". Except for meeting the demands of the Ukrainian railways, rails are sold for export.
The enterprise produces different types of rails: wide gauge rails Р50, Р65 (head hardened and non-head hardened rails), railroad rails UIC60, standard gauge rails С49, narrow gauge rails Р24, crane rails КР93, hook flange guard rails GT-140РС and switch point rails ОР50, ОР65.

Rail fasteners

Rail fasteners – tie plates for wooden and concrete sleepers, spike and separate fastenings, joint bars for rails R50, UIC60 and R65 are produced at Azovstal Iron and Steel Works since 1958.

Grinding balls

Grinding balls are used in mining industry and other industry sectors for grinding during preparation of ore and nonmetallic materials. Balls are produced with diameter of 40-120 mm with heat treatment up to 3rd hardness group (according to National Standard of Ukraine (DSTU) 3499). 

Square billets

Square hot rolled billets are produced from steel ingots and used for further processing (re-rolling) for bars and shapes. Billets are delivered in cut-lengths (6000-11800 mm). 

Metallurgical slag products

Slag products are used for production of cement, mineral wool, construction of roads, hydraulic structures and applied as abrasive materials and additives during bitumen production.

Products, which are manufactured of slag, have been tested not only in laboratories of Azovstal Iron and Steel Works, but in Scientific and Research Institutes of Ukraine and Russian Federation.

Products manufactured of slag have material safety data sheets and radiology certificates.


By-products (liquid argon, liquid nitrogen, etc.) have wide range of applications in various industrial sectors: engineering industry, welding of aluminum and non-corrosive metals, medicine, civil construction and also agricultural industry. Krypton-xenon and neon-helium mixtures are subject to further processing and used in their pure form in electrotechnical industry, cosmetic industry and military-industrial complex.

The enterprise sells coke-oven by-products: coke nut, coke fines, coal-tar pitch, crude coal benzene, ammonium sulphate and industrial gaseous sulfur.