Предприятия группы Метинвест Feedback


This is an essential component to build trust in the quality of products and improve their competitiveness. This is one of the principles of corporate social responsibility. Health and safety of our employees are the one of major components of our development strategy for the enterprise and Metinvest Group assets.

    • Occupational health and safety management system functioning at the enterprise is built on the principles of all-level staff involvement and production risk reduction. The system provides for arrangement of preventive work to avoid industrial injuries, occupational diseases, as well as practical measures to improve working conditions.
    • Special priority is given to the improvement in occupational safety, enhancement of working conditions, arrangement and conduct of occupation safety training of the employees.
    • OHSAS 18001:2007 of Occupational Safety and Health Management System has been implemented at the enterprise. We successfully reconfirm it annually.

        Activities for improvement of occupational safety and reduction of industrial injuries rate are developed and implemented at the Works.

          • On a continuous basis, we carry out large-scale work on personnel training and systematic measures implementation to reduce the level of occupational injuries.
          • Employees of the enterprise are fully provided with special cloths, safety shoes and other personal protective equipment: helmets, protective breathing equipment, work gloves, goggles, and etc.
          • On a quarterly basis, the enterprise conducts review contests on occupational safety among the enterprise subdivisions.
          • The enterprise personnel are constantly trained on occupational safety and health issues. The workshops are held for different managers, occupational safety and health films providing obvious example of safety operation are shot and demonstrated. The workshops are conducted on Metinvest Group corporate standards regarding occupational safety, health and environment.
          • The work of social inspectors for labor protection occupies consistent high level. They are constantly engaged in the preventive activities and take a systematic part in the quarterly review contests among the enterprise structural subdivisions.