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Social and economic development

We are concerned about the environment our employees live in. In terms of social responsibility Azovstal provides financial and material support to the city to improve it, develop the infrastructure; the Company supports medical and educational institutions, helps orphanages, boarding schools and allocates funds for other aims of social significance.   

Annually Azovstal concludes an agreement on social and economic cooperation with the City Council of Mariupol thus moving to a new level of corporate social responsibility. The agreement for social and economic cooperation is a writing that determines a clear regulated system of cooperation between the city authorities and Company in terms of program implementation for city social development.

Such cooperation is practiced on the Works since 2007.

This new approach to relationships between the Works and the city authorities based on cooperation agreement allowed to develop a clear method and defined priority areas in which the Works would help to the city. The partnership between the Works and the city is systemic, consistent and is aimed to reach long lasting and significant results in social and economic development of the city.

In 2013, the overall investments of "AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS" in the municipal social programs amounted to 7.3 million UAH, including:

-  restoration of the park named after Leporsky: 2.8 million UAH;

 - capital repairs of therapeutics department in the Municipal Hospital No. 4 named after I.K. Matsuk: 2.4 million UAH;

 - equipping of beach for handicapped people: 300 thousand UAH;

- placement of bus stops (11 Leporskogo Street): 72.5 thousand UAH;

- acquisition of computer equipment for schools located in Ordzonikidzevsky region: 83.50 thousand UAH;

- reconditioning of the city roads: 380 thousand UAH.