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Azovstal Iron & Steel Works is committed to its obligations to the government and the public - it duly pays taxes and makes budgetary payments on all levels.

Respectable salary, high-quality medical care, improved workplace safety - these issues are consistently addressed at the company. Azovstal is a customary leader in the salary level in the industry. Azovstal's salary level is one of the highest among metallurgical companies of Ukraine. As part of workers' welfare improvement, the company provides the social package of benefits and guarantees that apply not only to the payroll staff but also to the company's retired personnel. Azovstal supports a short-term medical insurance program of its workers using the owner's funds.

In addition the company operates a multi-level system of working with young professionals, which provides for their professional development and management of their career.
Azovstal develops and implements long-term projects intended for the development of city infrastructure, education and health.

Azovstal strives to achieve the highest standards in all areas of its activities, including the social responsibility. We are constantly working on the efficiency of our social investment activities.

In 2013, the collective agreement of PJSC "AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS" was ranked the best in the city contest "The Best Collective Agreement of 2012" with more than 3 thousand people nominated. The enterprise is the winner of the annual contest "Mariupol Tower" in the nominations "Higher Salary" and "The Enterprise for the City"; it was also awarded the laureate diploma "The Best Product" (industrial group). In 2012, in the annual contest "The Future of Mariupol" the enterprise became the winner in the category "The Best Young Manager" and laureate in the nomination "The Best Young Journalist" and "The Best Young Employee". In 2012, the enterprise took part in the annual contest "Mariupol Citizen", in which it won in the nomination "For Individual Contribution to the Science Development. Applied Science" and laureate in the nomination "For Individual Contribution to the Development of Investment and Innovation Activities".