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Metinvest is named one of the most respected employers of Ukraine.

31 January 2011 // Press-service of Metinvest Group

Metinvest is among the three national companies leading the rating "The most respected employers of Ukraine - 2010". The underlying survey was conducted by Reputation Capital company, a renowned expert in the field of reputation management jointly with recruitment company "Head Hunter" having thus involved more than 3000 persons applying for jobs.

During the survey the respondents were asked to assess the company according to the WorkRep™ method invented and patented by Reputation Institute. This method takes into account a set of factors such as remuneration system, market leadership, professional growth and many others.   

The rating has revealed the close relation between corporate reputation and corporate culture, the level of confidence in employers that applicants and the public demonstrate and allowed to evaluate the effectiveness of HR-strategy as an aspect of reputational capital of a company.

HR strategy of Metinvest is distinguished by setting and solving large scale tasks what allows our employees to realize their professional ambitions to the full. Development perspective of the company implies the constant research and monitoring of the labour- market and attraction of the highest professionals interested in long-term development of their carriers and professional skills with Metinvest.

METINVEST® is not only the brand of a vertically integrated mining and metals company but a quality mark for everything Metinvest is dealing with. Today Metinvest is also the largest national player on the financial market. The confidence of our investors is one of the major assessment grades for the professional team and therefore for the HR-brand.

“Metinvest is a B2B company therefore its HR-brand is moulded by the integral reputation of the company, style and approach its management practises in cooperation with internal and external stakeholders as well as the willingness of its employees to recommend Metinvest as a place to work. We strive to build such company and team, which we will be proud presenting to the public and employees” – noted Nataliya Strelkova, Metinvest’s HR Director.   

Editorial notice:

Metinvest is an international vertically integrated mining and steel group of companies. Production facilities of Metinvest produce enough steelmaking raw materials to meet its own demand and to be the key supplier to major steelmaking companies in Ukraine, Europe and Asia. The major shareholders of Metinvest are SCM Group (75% ownership) and Smart-Holding (25% ownership) partnering in Company’s management.

METINVEST HOLDING, LLC is the managing company of Metinvest Group.