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Metinvest to ship rebars to Belarus

10 March 2011 // Press centre Metinvest Group

Metinvest completed certification of the reinforcing bars produced by Makiivka Iron and Steel Works for the market of the Republic of Belarus based on the standards for this region. Starting March 2011, Metinvest plans monthly sales of 2.5 – 3 Ktonnes of rebars. Certification will allow growing sales of long steel products to the market of Belarus to 50 Ktonnes, which is a twofold increase of sections and shaped steel sales volumes vs. last year.

The Experts Committee of the Institute for Construction Design of the President’s Administration of the Republic of Belarus highly appreciated Metinvest’s production technology of rebars, a product enjoying high demand in Belarus market. The technology envisages utilization of low carbon and low alloy steel, which improves reliability and safety of structures using reinforcing bars.

Certification of the rebars will enable Metinvest-Ukraine, the wholesales channel of Metinvest Group, to simplify contracting procedures and reduce order lead times through signature of a single contract for the whole product line. This approach follows the client-oriented sales policy of the Company. The policy envisages improving client service standards by deeper understanding and satisfying specific needs of individual clients.

«It is extremely important to achieve the maximum quality of service through simplification and automation of the order processing, - Oleg Olshansky, the General Director of Metinvest-Ukraine noted. – Production potential of Metinvest and the new account management principles will help us meet virtually any demand in steel products».

Belarus is one of the most steel intensive markets among CIS countries. In total, in 2010 CIS countries (less Russian Federation) received 159.3 Ktonnes of rolled steel. Belarus received 49.7 Ktonnes of rolled products, thus, taking the share of 31% in the CIS sales structure of Metinvest Group.

«This year we are planning to sell around 25 Ktonnes  of rebars to Belorussian market, - said Dmitry Nikolayenko, the Sales Director of Metinvest’s Steel and Rolled Products Division – Including the plans to ship other long products, total volume of sections and shaped steel will increase to 50 Ktonnes »

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Metinvest is an international vertically integrated mining and steel group of companies, operating assets in each link of the production chain from iron ore and coal mining and coke production, through to semi-finished and finished steel production, pipe rolling and coil production and production of other value-added products. The Group comprises mining and steel production facilities located in Ukraine, Europe and the USA and has a sales network covering all key global markets. The major shareholders of Metinvest are SCM Group (75% ownership) and Smart-Holding (25% ownership) partnering in Company’s management.

METINVEST HOLDING, LLC is the managing company of Metinvest Group.

The Sales Organization of Metinvest Group is represented by following companies: Metinvest International SA — export of steel products beyond Ukraine and CIS, Metinvest SMC – sales of steel products through service metal centers in Ukraine and South-East Europe, Metinvest Eurasia – export of steel products to Russia, Metinvest Ukraine – sales of commercial steel products in batches of 65 tons and more in Ukraine and export to CIS countries.

Metinvest-Ukraine, LLC is the wholesale sales channel of the Sales Organization in the Steel and Rolled Products Division of Metinvest Group. The Company sells products under the brand of МЕТINVEST® in the markets of Ukraine and CIS countries in batches from 65 tonnes and more. Major customers of Metinvest Ukraine are represented by leading companies in following industries: heavy engineering, shipbuilding, railcar-building, mining and steelmaking, hardware production and coal mining as well as the national railways in Ukraine and CIS. Metinvest Ukraine, LLC is the largest steel trader in Ukraine and CIS with sales volumes exceeding 1 Mtonnes per year.

Makiivka Iron and Steel Works CJSC is a high-tech enterprise equipped with the most up-to-date rolling mills in Ukraine: medium sections mill-390 and wire mill-150.Medium sections mill-390 was commissioned in July 2009. It allows producing the whole range of rebars (Diameters of 8-40 mm), produce rebars up to А500 strength class, and if alloyed steels are used – up to Ат800, which are in especially high demand in high-tech construction sectors and bridge building, structural rounds (Diameter 10-14); hexagons (14-26, 30, 32, 36-42, 46,48 mm); squares (14-26 and 30 mm); angles (25, 32, 35, 40 ,45, 50 and 63 mm). Design capacity of the mill is 720 thous. t of finished rolled products per annum. Wire mill-150 produces wire rod (5.5 to 12.5 mm). Design capacity of the mill is up to 800 thous. tpa. In April 2010 Makiivka Steel was certified as compliant with EN ISO 9001-2005 standard in the field of sections and shaped products manufacturing. Rebars quality (А500С class) from mill-390 of the plant is fully compliant with DSTU 3760:2006, which has been reflected in the Minutes of the Test #127 dated 20.07.09 performed by the Electric Welding Institute named after E.O. Paton. The mill forms a part of the Steel and Rolled Product Division in Metinvest Group.

The Republican Unitary Enterprise «Belorussian Institute of Construction Design» of the President’s Administration of the Republic of Belarus is the design organization of the President’s Administration of the Republic of Belarus for housing and civil as well as production and industrial design engineering. Design and engineering of buildings and structures, detailed examination of buildings and structures, products certification.