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Metinvest backed in purchase of a new diagnostic equipment

15 December 2011 // Press centre PJSC “Azovstal” Iron and Steel Works”

Metinvest, a vertically-integrated group of mining and smelting companies, allocated 160 thousand hryvnas for purchase of immunoenzymometric analyzer for polyclinic Nr.1 of Mariupol city hospital Nr. 4 as part of a mutual social and economic cooperation agreement in 2011 between iron and steel works «Azovstal» and the hospital. Only in the current year, “Azovstal” works has provided assistance to city hospital Nr. 4 in the amount of over 1,5 mln. UAH.

Immunoenzymometric analyzer, high accuracy automated device intended for immunoenzymometric blood analysis, has already been received by the biochemical laboratory of policlinic Nr. 1 which serves employees and veterans of «Azovstal» works. Biochemical laboratory carries out various kinds of blood test – hematological, biochemical, cytological ones. Now, thanks to the new equipment, it has become possible to carry out immunoenzymometric diagnostics.

Immunoenzymometric analyzer is a multifunctional device equipped with special computer programming system which provides for high accuracy of analyzing. In particular, it allows estimating condition of pancreas and thyroid based upon the blood test. Besides, it is possible to diagnose latent forms of HB (B hepatitis) and HCV (C hepatitis) without external evidence in a more precise way. One more essential function of the new device is detection of tumors at earliest stages as well as their classifying into benignant and malignant ones.

In addition, using the funds allocated by “Azovstal” they have repaired biochemical laboratory premises where immunoenzymometrical analyzer is to be kept.

«Steel-makers’ labor is connected with work under conditions which are significantly different from  habitual ones. Therefore we take systematic measures aimed at prevention of occupational diseases of our personnel and preservation of their health», Enver Tskitishvili, General director of PJSC “Azovstal” Iron and Steel Works” pointed out.