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A one-of-a-kind new data processing center was implemented at Azovstal

22 March 2012

To increase information systems operation reliability, a new data processing system was put into operation at Metinvest Group “Azovstal” in terms of the investment program realization. Investments to the project realization amounted to about $ 700 thousand.

In order to reduce eventual expenses, a modern new data processing center was created at Azovstal, the center which is unique among industrial companies of Ukraine. Information systems of the works serve as the main liaison of entire iron and steel sector with its constant business activities. Successful industrial and economic activity of the whole works depends to a large degree upon their stable and trouble-free operation. Control of all production flows is carried out at the works by means of information systems, hundreds of various software and applications are used daily being  indispensable in work. Reliable and proven technologies by leading global manufacturers of equipment are employed in the new data processing center.

Putting into operation the data processing center will allow to place all computing equipment of the works in one location. This will result in significant reduction of operational expenses as well as to the personnel’s expenses to provide for their trouble-free operation. The installed equipment will also allow to decrease unplanned downtime.

To ensure work with the new equipment and engineering systems, studies of the works personnel in specialized educational establishments of Ukraine are foreseen. In addition, representatives of the companies manufacturing equipment trained specialists of the works directly at site during erection and commissioning period.

For reference. The data processing center is specially equipped premises where network and server hardware, data storage and backup systems, server software, databases, etc.  are located.