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Metinvest Cup Football Tournament for Children and Young People started in Mariupol

25 September 2012

On September 24 solemn opening of Metinvest Cup Football Tournament was held in Mariupol within the framework of implementation of Metinvest Group corporate social program "Development of Children's and Youth Football". The tournament is held among professional children's and youth teams of Metinvest Group enterprises.

Corporate social program of Metinvest Group "Development of Children's and Youth Football" is implemented in partnership with Football Club "Shakhtar" and is focused on promotion of healthy lifestyle among children and young people by creation of new sports football sections for children and young people and maintenance of the existing ones in all the cities where Group enterprises are present, holding of elimination competitions and annual Metinvest Cup final tournament.

In Mariupol 14 teams representing cities (among which Mariupol, Makeyevka, Yenakiyevo, Khartsyzsk, Avdeyevka, Dzerzhinsk and urban settlement Komsomolskoe (Donetsk region), Krasnodon (Lugansk region) and Krivoi Rog (Dnepropetrovsk region)) where Metinvest Group enterprises are present will compete at "Azovets" stadium in the period over September 24 till 27. Elder age group represented by young people of year of birth 2000 will play for teams of PJSC "Central Iron Ore Enrichment Works" ("Central GOK"), PJSC "Northern Iron Ore Enrichment Works" ("Northern GOK"), "Komsomolsk Mine Group", PJSC "AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS", labour union of Avdiivka Coke Plant as well as branch of Children's and Youth Football Association (Football Club "Shakhtar"). Middle age group is represented by children of year of birth 2001, who will play for sports schools of PJSC "Krasnodon Coal Company", PJSC "Ingulets Iron Ore Enrichment Works" ("Inguletsky GOK"), plant "Khimik Inkor and Co", scientific and production association "Inkor and Co" LLC and CJSC "Makiivka Iron & Steel Works". Junior group is represented by children of year of birth 2002, who will play for teams of PJSC "AZOVSTAL IRON & STEEL WORKS", PJSC "Ilyich Iron and Steel Works of Mariupol", PJSC "Yenakiieve Iron and Steel Works", PJSC "Khartsyzsk Pipe Plant" and branch of Football Association "Shakhtar" (Krivoi Rog).

After eliminatory games final matches will be held for the main awards of Metinvest Group, which will determine the strongest team in each of the three age groups. Awarding of winners will be on September 28 at the stadium "Donbas-Arena" during the half-time in football match of 8th tour of Ukrainian Championship between teams "Shakhtar" (Donetsk) and "Chernomorets" (Odessa).

Igor Kirilyuk, Director for Corporate Communications of Metinvest Group, emphasized that modern young people needed positive examples, which would allow forming the correct view of their lifestyle. Sports is one of the methods for education of dignified and, mainly, healthy members of society, thus, annual football tournament, which is held under auspices of Metinvest, is an excellent opportunity to show the importance of active lifestyle and health care for the younger generation.