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Metinvest Invests over UAH 12 mln to Improve Amenities at Mariupol Plants

14 May 2019

Mariupol enterprises of Metinvest Group continue to implement the "Workers' Amenities" Program. Since the beginning of the year, over UAH 12 mln have been invested to improve amenities at Iliych Steel and Azovstal.

During four months, amenities in 59 facilities of the steel plants have been overhauled. The number of completed works included the repair of nine shower rooms and changing rooms, 19 water closets and two dining rooms. As a result, more comfortable conditions for almost two thousand employees were provided.

"The success of any enterprise depends on the employees' professionalism and attitude to the work. This is closely related to both wages and working conditions. Metinvest Group steel plants are among the leaders in terms of wages. We also systematically work on creating the most comfortable conditions in amenities, so that our employees can have lunch, change clothes and take a shower after the shift,” says Taras Shevchenko, Director General of Ilyich Steel.

Since the beginning of the year, seven facilities have been overhauled at Ilyich Steel. Overhauled facilities include water closets, men's baths, a room for shift meetings in the Heat and Power Shop, and showers with dressing rooms in the Operating Shop of the Railway Transport Management Department.

Azovstal managed to refurbish 52 amenity facilities: 17 water closets, nine shower rooms with dressing sections and two meal rooms.

"The Plant does everything necessary for the safe and productive work of our metallurgists. By creating decent conditions for work and rest, we show our employees how important they are for us,” says Enver Tskitishvili, Director General of Azovstal.

Before the end of the year, more than 50 amenities will be repaired at the Plants. The total investment of Metinvest Group in these repairs will be about UAH 45 mln.

Work is also underway to improve workers' amenities at the Mariupol site of Metinvest-Promservice. Men's bathrooms of the Sintering and Steelmaking Equipment Maintenance Shops, training classes of the PromPolygon Training Ground and the Metallurgical Furnaces Repair Shop are being repaired.