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Azovstal is operating normally

15 July 2019

On 12 July 2019, mixer no. 1 in the converter shop of Metinvest Group’s Mariupol subsidiary Azovstal burned through while performing a process step of the metallurgical cycle. During the operation, molten iron spilled from the mixer onto the process area. Firefighters and Group employees quickly responded to the site to perform damage control. There were no casualties or injuries and the converter shop is operating normally.

The mixer burn-through has had no adverse impact on the environment or Azovstal’s operations. A backup method is currently being used to deliver hot metal from the blast furnace to the converter shop and mixer no. 2.

A commission has been set up at Azovstal to determine the root cause of the incident, estimate the extent of the damage and develop a plan to support production capacity.