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«Lean Enterprise» program is being implemented at Azovstal works

28 November 2011

«Lean Enterprise» project aimed at costs and manufacturing losses reduction is being implemented at Azovstal iron and steel works. The active phase of the implementation project is currently taking place in the rail and structural steel mill.

In order to comply with fast-changing requirements of the market and customers’ expectations, Metinvest implements only advanced and highly efficient technologies at its enterprises. Ambitious tasks are set for the company's enterprises to optimize manufacturing processes, eliminate losses of various types, reduce number of process equipment delays, improve quality of products manufactured.

One of the long-term strategic initiatives, “Lean enterprise” program is intended to solve these crucial tasks - the total quality assurance and costs reduction system aimed at competitive advantages strengthening and development which allows engaging the personnel into a dynamic process of continuous improvements. The program implementation has now entered its active phase in the rail and structural steel mill of PJSC Azovstal Iron and Steel Works.

A basic tool of the “Lean Enterprise”, «5С» has been launched in the division, its adoption ensuring basis for broader perception of continuous improvements concept. The work on “The Losses Guide-Book” has been just started. This research and information document reflects cause-effect relation of key performance indicators (KPI) actual values departures from potentially attainable ones, and is designed to detect initial reasons for existing losses and develop measures to eliminate those reasons. «The Guide-Book» will make it possible to provide for available visual material to train the workshop personnel with respect to efficiency improvement.

“The Lean Enterprise” program realization is focused on strategic targets achievement by Metinvest Group in the sphere of the products valorization for their customers, costs and unjustified losses reduction.